Amazon Hijackers: the Reason behind Customer’s Negative Reviews

November 02, 2022

Ever wondered why your Amazon product suddenly started getting negative reviews? There's a reason behind it, and it has to do with something called "Amazon hijacking." Keep reading to learn more about this phenomenon and what you can do to combat it.


What is Amazon Hijacking?

In short, an Amazon hijacker is somebody who takes over a seller’s listing and replaces it with their own, usually inferior product. They hope to make a quick buck off of unsuspecting customers who are looking for the original product. This practice is also known as “product hijacking” or “listing hijacking.”


Why are Negative Reviews Harmful? 

Most sellers on Amazon are aware of the importance of getting positive reviews. After all, they can help to increase sales and boost your ranking in search results. However, many sellers don't realize that negative reviews can be just as harmful - and sometimes even more so. 

Negative reviews are harmful because they damage the credibility of the original seller. When customers see negative reviews of a product they were interested in purchasing, they are likely to go elsewhere – even if those reviews were left when someone received an inferior product. As a result, sellers can lose out on valuable sales and see their business suffer as a result. 

Not only this, the consequences of bad reviews can risk your relationship with Amazon. Recent data shows that 94% of customers stop purchasing the product if they see bad reviews, no matter what brand it contains.

Therefore, it is very important to maintain your star ratings and reviews to win a high Buy-Box for your Amazon listing. You should contact Naw Protect if you need to “remove hijackers from my Listing”. We will help you remove hijack sellers from your listing to improve your Order Defect Rate (ODR), remove negative reviews, and increase your sales through Buy-Box.


When Amazon Customers Leave Negative Reviews

When Amazon customers leave negative reviews, it can be frustrating for the business owner. But before you lash out at the customer, take a step back and try to understand why they left the review. Oftentimes, there is a valid reason for their dissatisfaction that has nothing to do with you or your business. By understanding the root of the problem, you can work to correct it and improve your relationship with the customer. 

Negative reviews can also be a good opportunity to learn from your mistakes and make necessary changes to improve your business. So, before you get upset about negative feedback, take a moment to understand what might have led to it.


How to Remove Negative Reviews on Amazon

If you're an Amazon seller, then you know that customer reviews are a critical part of your success. A single negative review can impact your sales and reputation, so even if you have just started receiving negative reviews on Amazon listings, it's important to take steps to turn negative feedback into a positive one if possible.  

Did you know that 88% of online customers check existing customers' reviews before purchasing any online product?  In fact, 31% of consumers spend money on a product with huge positive ratings from multiple customers. Therefore, if you are an Amazon seller, you should know how to removes which may be a consequence ofAmazon FBM hijackersor Amazon FBA hijackers.

Here we go….

  1. Monitor Reviews (Positive & Negative) Daily- The best method to deal with negative reviews is monitoring your reviews frequently; this will help you take action timely. You can use the Amazon review tracking tool to save time!
  2. Reach out to the customer directly - The first step is to always reach out to the customer directly. This allows you to resolve the issue and turn a negative experience into a positive one. Reaching out also shows other potential customers that you are committed to providing excellent customer service. You can find contact information for reviewers by going to your “Reviews” page on Seller Central and clicking on the “Email” button next to the review in question.
  3. Verify if the Reviews are Genuine - It might be possible that your competitor may leave an unpleasant review on your listing to spoil your brand image.  Or maybe an unauthorized seller is selling a counterfeit product in the name of our product resulting in bad reviews from the customers. If you find any kind of situation, be sure to report it to Amazon.
  4. Provide compensation - If the issue cannot be resolved, you may want to consider offering some form of compensation. This could be a discount on future purchases, a free product, or even a refund.  By offering refunds or gift cards, you are acknowledging the customer’s dissatisfaction and showing that you are willing to make things right. This can go a long way in diffusing the situation and preserving your reputation.
  5. Respond publicly - When responding to a negative review, it’s important to do so publicly. This shows other potential customers that you are taking this complaint seriously and are committed to addressing it promptly. It’s important to keep your response professional and polite, even if the review is not. Escalate the situation privately if necessary, but always respond publicly first.
  6. Flag inappropriate content - If a review contains profanity, personal information, or other inappropriate content, you can flag it for removal by Amazon. To do this, simply click the “Flag as Inappropriate” link next to the review in question. Once you have flagged the review, Amazon will investigate and determine whether or not it violates their guidelines. If it does, they will remove it from your listing.
  7. Request deletion from Amazon - In some cases, you may be able to get a negative review deleted entirely by Amazon. This is usually only possible if the review violates Amazon’s guidelines or if it contains false or misleading information about your product. To request the deletion of a review, go to your “Reviews” page on Seller Central and click on the “Report Abuse” button next to the review in question. From there, you will be able to select the reason why you believe the review should be deleted and submit your request to Amazon for further review. Please note that even if Amazon agrees with you and decides to delete the review, they may not necessarily remove it from your listing entirely. 

In such cases, they will simply mark it as “removed by Amazon” so that other potential customers will know that it has been verified as being inaccurate or inappropriate." 

Negative reviews are inevitable, but there are ways to mitigate their impact on your business. 

Preventing and managing negative reviews is essential to any Amazon seller’s success. With Naw Protect, you can keep your hard-earned 5-star rating bygetting rid of Amazon hijackersthat may cause these reviews to come in. Visit our website today and see how our service can benefit you.


How Can I Protect My Business from Amazon Hijackers? 

There's no doubt that Amazon is a powerhouse when it comes to online retail. But what happens when scammers start hijacking your products? Learn how to protect your business fromAmazon hijackers and the steps you can take to regain control of your listing.

  • The best way to protect your business from Amazon hijackers is to stay vigilant and monitor your listings regularly. If you see any suspicious activity, such as a sudden influx of negative reviews or a sharp decline in sales, take action immediately. 
  • You should consider havingAmazon hijacker removal services on hand for when these hijackers strike. They can help to get your hijackers removed promptly and hassle free.
  • You should register your brand on Amazon Brand Registry to secure your account.
  • If you see any illegitimate sellers selling a counterfeit version of your product, you should file a complaint to Amazon Seller Support.
  • Listing products with branded images and logos will make it difficult for the hijackers to copy.

Don't let Amazon hijackers steal your buy-box and cause negative feedback. When Amazon listing receives negative reviews from customers, it affects sales. 

If you are dealing with Amazon Hijackers, chat with Naw Protect today!