How Amazon Hijacker Removal Services are helping Amazon sellers protect their listings from counterfeit sellers

February 22, 2023

For anyone wishing to launch their online business inretail, Amazon is definitely the top marketplace. If done right, it's an excellent way to start making money. It helps youreach a large customer base spread across theworld

Moreover, marketing your product on Amazon is quite convenient. All you need to do is create a listing and start delivering high-quality products. And of course, good online reviews and a favorable business image are crucialto becoming a successful seller. 

However, sometimes Amazon listings can get hijacked by counterfeit product sellers. They may try to take advantage of an already-established brand name to sell fake or poor-quality products. Nowadays, the threat of online Amazon listing hijackers is rising quickly.

These Amazon hijackers use a variety of sneaky methods to wrongfully claim abusinesseslisting. They usually target products that are cheap to imitate and reproduce for sale. As a result, buyers fall victim to such scammers. 

It not only causes low ratings and damages the brand but also leads to revenue loss. So, businesses actively implement various methods to safeguard their listings.


Top ways to prevent Amazon listing hijackers


  • Brand Registration 

Using the Amazon Brand Registry to get your listing verified is an excellent way to distinguish yourself from other brands. For this, you need to have a brand trademark. In addition, you also need to submit other information related to your business listing. Once you have been verified, it makes it a lot more difficult for others to claim your business falsely. 


  • Report Fake Listings

Registering your brand can help secure its information. However, counterfeit sellers may still be able to copy your products and try to sell them through fake listings. Therefore, you also need to monitor and report any fake business listingsimitating your brand. 

For this, you need to raise the issue with Amazon Support. In addition, you should take steps to inform yourshoppers about fake sellers to prevent unhappycustomers.


  • Distinguished product packaging

Another way to prevent hijackers is to implement distinctive product packaging for your products. Online listing hijackers can mimic the product to sell it at a lower price. However, the packaging and product branding can help distinguish the original product from cheap counterfeits.

Moreover, counterfeit goods sellers are restricted from using your trademark logo on their goods. Thus, they usually change the logo a little to fool the customers. Therefore, branding your company and using your original brand logo on product packaging are excellent strategies to deter business listing hijackers. Additionally, it is crucial to educate shoppers about how to distinguish betweenthe real and fake logos.    

But what if your Amazon listing has been hijacked?

Sometimes, despite your best efforts, the hijackers may be successful in hijacking your listing. Naturally, you may feel stressed out. It can be difficult to get rid of an Amazon listing hijacker. 

So, if your business listing has been hijacked, there’s no time to waste. You must take action quickly to prevent losses. If you have found yourself in this situation, you should consider gettingassistance from professional Amazon hijacker removal services.

How are Amazon Hijacker Removal Services helping Amazon sellers protect their listings from counterfeit sellers?

Amazon listing hijacker removal is no easy feat. It can be pretty arduous and time-consuming to find the hijacker and even more challenging to retrieve your listing. Thus, professional Amazon listing hijacker removal services might be your best bet.

Theytypically have a dedicated team ofhijacker removal experts and specialized software to deal withhijacking threats. Moreover, theywill act quickly to retrieve your listing. They usually charge a specified fee for their services. So, when you are facinghijacker threats, you may want to find reliablehijacker removal experts such as Naw Protect.

Naw Protect Amazon Hijacker Removal Solutions

Naw Protect is a reputed brand committed to helping safeguard theproducts and listings of legitimate Amazon sellers with the best Amazon Hijacker Removal Servicesavailable. Our team is well-equipped to counter any hijacker threats that might threaten your online business. 

We can assist clients even if they don’t have brand registry yet. Our team specializes in listing recovery as quickly as possible. After recovery, we employ other techniques to minimizehijacking risk in the future.

So, if you need a hijacker removed from your business listing, do not hesitate to reach out to us. If you have any doubts or concerns, feel free to discuss them with our team. We also offer a money-back guarantee. This means that if we fail to recover your listing, you don’t pay.

Do you need immediate assistance withAmazon hijacker removal? Contact us today!