How to remove an Amazon hijacker without brand registry

October 11, 2022

Are you dealing with an Amazon listing hijacker but do not have access to brand registry? In this video we’ll show you how to remove a Hijacker from your Amazon listing without brand registry.

A hijacker is a term for a third party seller that invades an existing Amazon listing attempting to sell a product that is the original seller's intellectual property or is an inferior version of the product being offered.

A lot of the time the hijacker will offer the counterfeit product at a lower price to seize control of the listings Buy Box.

Hijackers can lead to all kinds of headaches for Amazon sellers including loss of revenue as well as damaging a listings reputation when customers purchase and receive the inferior product and leave negative reviews.

So how do you remove hijackers without Brand Registry?

The fastest, most reliable and most efficient way to remove hijackers from your listing is to use an Amazon hijacker removal service. The hijacker removal process isn’t straightforward especially without access to Brand Registry and trying to remove the hijacker yourself may do more damage than good and take a lot longer than required. It's something that's best left to the experts. Without access to Brand Registry, Utilising a hijacker removal service is the only way that you can guarantee that the removal of your hijacker will be successful. There are alternative methods that can be attempted however a successful result is not guaranteed.

Amazon hijacker removal services have experts that specialize in removing hijackers and cleaning up hijacked listings. They are also relatively affordable when compared to the likely profits that you’re losing while your listing and the buy box are hijacked. To find a reliable service, just google “Amazon Hijacker Removal Services” or if you wish to utilize our expert team to remove your hijacker, check us out at Feel free to reach out to our friendly support team if you have any questions.

Test Buy

If you wish to attempt to try and remove the hijacker without the assistance of an expert, a method that has seen success is to make a test purchase. This involves purchasing the product from your hijacker to prove to Amazon that the seller on your listing is selling a counterfeit version of the product that the original listing is offering. To do this, purchase the product from your hijacker and take photos comparing the product with your genuine product. You can then send the evidence to Amazon via the Report Infringement Form.

This method has had success however it has its cons which include:

  • Having to invest your own money.
  • The long wait time to receive the counterfeit product from your hijacker.
  • The risk that the hijacker may cancel and not send you the product knowing that the purchase is from your business.
  • The risk that Amazon may not grant you a positive result from the dispute.

If you do not have success removing your hijacker using the Test Buy method get in touch with our team at Our team can help to get the hijacker removal results that you’re after.

Contacting the hijacker

An alternative method is to contact the hijacker. If you’ve identified the offender behind your hijack and you’ve found their contact information, you can contact them asking them to remove their product from your listing. This communication should appear formal in tone and not contain threatening language.

If you have a lawyer you can get them to draft a cease and desist letter if you want to sound a little more formal and authoritative. Depending on your lawyer's fees, a cease and desist letter will be expensive. 

Unfortunately, in most cases, the hijacker will choose to ignore your request for them to stop selling on your listing. The hijacker was aware from the start of what they were doing so a message notifying them will likely not make a huge difference.


Not having access to Brand Registry limits your options when it comes to removing hijackers from your listing however there are steps that you can take to successfully remove your hijacker. 

The truth is that having access to Brand Registry still does not guarantee a successful removal of a hijacker even with the additional protection options that are available.

The best way for any seller (with or without Brand Registry) to remove an Amazon listing hijacker is to contract a hijacker removal service such as Naw Protect. These services take the guesswork out of the hijacker removal process and get the results that may not be possible when attempting to complete the task yourself.