Stop Losing Sales! Say Goodbye to Amazon Hijackers Once and For All

April 11, 2023

Are you tired of losing sales and having your products undercut byAmazon hijackers? If so, you're not alone. Amazon hijackers are a growing problem for sellers on the platform, but there are steps you can take to protect your products and your business.  


Amazon is the largest e-commerce platform in the world, with millions of sellers and customers. However, this popularity also attracts unauthorized sellers or hijackers who take over product listings, causing significant problems for genuine sellers.

Amazon hijackers are a significant headache for authentic sellers, and they can cause serious damage to your business. So if you think that yourAmazon listing has been hijacked,reach out for expert assistance right away!


Understanding Amazon Hijackers

Amazon hijackers are unauthorized sellers who take over genuine product listings on the Amazon platform.They do this by using various tactics such as selling counterfeit products, selling inaccurate products or selling products that they do not have authorisation to sell.

The impact of Amazon hijackers can be devastating for authentic sellers. They can lose sales, see their reputation tarnished, and face account suspension or closure. Amazon hijackers not only harm genuine sellers but also erode customer truston the Amazon platform.

To protect your Amazon business from hijackers, it is crucial to have a clear understanding of their tactics and how to deal with them. In this article,We will provide a comprehensive guide on how to identify and deal with Amazon hijackers effectively.

How to Identify Amazon Hijackers

Identifying Amazon hijackers is the first step to protecting your business from their harmful effects. Here are some ways to identify Amazon hijackers:

  • Monitor your listings regularly - Keep an eye on your product listings and monitor any changes in price, description, or images.
  • Check the Buy Box -If you see a new seller in the Buy Box, they may be a hijacker  that has taken over your listing.
  • Search for your ASIN - Perform a search for your ASIN and check the product listings. If you see a new seller or a price that is too low, it could be a hijacker.

How to Deal with Amazon Hijackers

Once you have identified Amazon hijackers, it's time to take action to protect your business. Here are some ways to deal with Amazon hijackers:

Contact the hijacker - Contact the hijacker and ask them to stop selling your products. If they refuse, report them to Amazon.

Report the hijacker to Amazon -Amazon has strict policies against hijackers. Report any hijackers to Amazon as soon as possible.

Use Amazon Brand Registry - If you're a registered brand owner, you can use Amazon Brand Registry to protect your products from hijackers.


Contacting Amazon Hijackers Isn't Always Fruitful

While it may seem logical to contact the hijacker responsible to ask them to remove themself from the listing, this approach may not always work. Here are a few reasons why:

  • The hijacker may ignore your request: Unfortunately, some hijackers may not take your request seriously, and they may choose to ignore it altogether.
  • The hijacker may demand payment: In some cases, the hijacker may agree to remove the listing but only in exchange for payment. This can be costly and may not even guarantee that the listing will be removed.
  • The hijacker may retaliate:If you approach the hijacker in an aggressive or confrontational manner, they may retaliate by causing more issues for your Amazon business.

What Happens When You Report an Amazon seller?

If you inform Amazon that a seller has breached their Selling Policies, they will inquire further. However, if you are unable to provide evidence of the violation, Amazon is unlikely to take any action against the reported seller forhijacking Amazon listing.

Guaranteed Removal of Amazon Hijackers

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