How To Remove An Amazon Listing Hijacker

July 15, 2022

Brad, an experienced Amazon seller suddenly noticed that one of his products had suddenly drastically dropped in sales. That same day a review came in for the product. One star “DO NOT BUY. It fell apart straight away”. This surprised Brad as the product's 300 existing reviews didn’t have any negative comments related to the product quality.

After a little bit of research, Brad quickly realised that his product had been hijacked. A Chinese seller was offering the product at a much lower rate and by the sounds of the review that the product received, at a far lower quality. The seller had stolen the buy box from Brad’s trusted store and was damaging the listing with bad reviews that Brad had worked so hard to build.

So what exactly is an Amazon listing hijacker? An Amazon hijacker is a third-party seller that "hijacks" your product listing on Amazon and provides a counterfeit of your product, usually at a lower price and of lesser quality. Customers then buy the knockoff goods, and when the product fails or takes a long time to arrive, they retaliate by leaving a bad review on your listing. So what can be done?


Hijacker Removal

The fastest, most reliable and most efficient way to remove hijackers from your listing is to use an Amazon hijacker removal service. The hijacker removal process usually isn’t straight forward and trying to remove the hijacker yourself may do more damage than good and take a lot longer than required. It's something that's best left to the experts. The time taken to remove a hijacker is vital as every minute that a hijacker is on your listing means lost sales and unsatisfied customers.

Amazon hijacker removal services have experts that specialize in removing hijackers and cleaning up hijacked listings. They are also relatively affordable when compared to the likely profits that you’re losing while your listing and the buy box are hijacked. To find a reliable service, just google “Amazon Hijacker Removal Services” or if you wish to utilize our expert team to remove your hijacker, check us out at Feel free to reach out to our friendly support team if you have any questions.


Report to Amazon

If you're looking to take on the task yourself, there are a couple of different methods that you can try. The first method that we can recommend is reporting the hijacker through Amazon Brand Registry. In order for your Amazon seller account to be brand registered, you must first have a trademark for your brand name. Brand registry comes with a bunch of different perks including the ability the report a violation.

This method does have its downfalls, especially if your Amazon account is not already brand registered. It can take between a year to a year and a half to get an approved trademark at which point your listing will likely already be ruined. Most of the time you will be required to purchase the product from the hijacker to prove that the product is in fact a counterfeit. This can take time as most hijackers are usually shipping from China. Additionally, the success rate of a hijacker being removed when reported via brand registry is relatively low. Amazon sellers have reported that they only see a very minimal success rate when reporting listing hijackers to Amazon.

If you would like to learn more about why Amazon doesn’t help to remove hijackers you can check out this article.


Reach out to the hijacker

An alternative method is to contact the hijacker. If you’ve identified the offender behind your hijack and you’ve found their contact information, you can contact them asking them to remove their product from your listing. This communication should appear formal in tone and not contain threatening language.

If you have a lawyer you can get them to draft a cease and desist letter if you want to sound a little more formal and authoritative.

Depending on your lawyer's fees a cease and desist letter may be expensive. Additionally, From our understanding, it is against the Amazon Seller terms of service to directly contact another seller so if you choose to take this route do tread carefully.


Communicate with customers that are victims of the hijacker

Amazon sellers frequently learn about their hijacking predicament for the first time from a negative customer review. Unaware, the consumer believes they were duped into purchasing a subpar item. It's crucial that you don't just let that customer leave without making things right.

As soon as you can, reply to the customer's review and inform them of the development. Since customers typically do not consider the specifics of Amazon selling, describe this in clear words. Additionally, request their contact information via your business email and make a free-of-charge offer to deliver them a genuine item.

Some alternative articles suggest asking the customer to report the counterfeit product to Amazon however we can not recommend this as it can lead to the whole listing being shut down, your product included.



Hijackers are a bit of a nuisance and can really harm your Amazon business. It's never too early to start defending yourself and developing a current plan of action to address this eventual issue. Fortunately, there are solutions out there to remove these threats. If you’re looking for reliable amazon hijacker removal services, give Naw Protect a try! Our friendly team are standing by to answer your questions and of course, remove those pesky hijackers from your listings!