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Hijacker removal in as fast as 1 hour

Brand Registry Is Not required

No need for a trademark

No need for you to do a test order

No need for you to contact the hijacker

$79 USD

Removal of a FBM Hijacker from an ASIN

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$199 USD

Removal of a FBA Hijacker from an ASIN

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Your satisfaction is our guarantee!

Money Back Guarantee

If we're not able to remove your hijacker, you'll receive a full refund.

Large selection of removal methods

We have an arsenal of different removal methods that we can utilize to get your hijacker removed from your listing.

30 Day Protection Warranty

If at any point within 30 days of your purchase, the hijacker returns, we will remove the hijacker again for free.

We Comply with Amazons terms & Conditions

Did you know that it is against Amazons T&C's for a seller to directly contact another seller? Unlike other methods our activity complies with all Amazon policies.