How to Remove Amazon FBA Hijackers: A Comprehensive Guide

September 11, 2023

The expansion of Amazon's Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) programme has given retailers a wealth of chances to build their businesses. However, because of its popularity, the site has drawn dishonest people known as hijackers who try to make money off of the labour of others. Unauthorized vendors known as hijackers use legal product listings as their own, giving legitimate seller’s grief and suffering financial losses. Today, We will provide you with thorough knowledge onHow to Remove Amazon FBA Hijackers and safeguard your company.


Follow Up on Your Listings:

  • Keep a close eye on your Amazon product listings to spot any unauthorized vendors.
  • Use computer programmes that can automatically monitor changes in product availability, cost, and other listing information.
  • Create alerts to inform you anytime one of your listings changes.


Brand and Trademark Registry:

  • To develop and safeguard your brand on the platform, sign up for Amazon's Brand Registry programme.
  • To further safeguard against hijackers, register your products and trademark your brand name.
  • Use the resources offered by Amazon's Brand Registry to promptly report hijackers.


Make Your Product Listings More Robust:

  • Add intriguing content, informative descriptions, and top-quality photographs to your product listings to improve them.
  • To preventAmazon fbm hijackers, use watermarked photographs or add your logo to the product images.
  • To stay competitive, update and improve your listings frequently.


Maintain Supply Chain Security:

  • Build enduring connections with reliable manufacturers and suppliers.
  • To make it more difficult for hijackers to obtain your products, think about putting policies like restricted distribution agreements, exclusive contracts, or specialised packaging in place.


Use the FBA and FBM programmes on Amazon:

  • Utilizing Amazon's FBA programme has benefits for customer service, inventory storage, and fulfilment.
  • However, take into account using Amazon's Fulfilled by Merchant (FBM) programme in addition to diversifying your fulfilment strategies. This lessens the possibility of inventory hijackers gaining unauthorized access.


Make trial purchases:

  • You should occasionally make test purchases from your listings to verify the legitimacy of the products and uncover potential hijackers.
  • Keep track of any differences, such as differences in packaging or quality, as proof to help you prove hijackers are at fault.


Collect Information and Report Hijackers:

  • Gather proof that shows your ownership of the merchandise and your legitimacy as a vendor, such as screenshots, invoices, shipping labels, or any other documents.
  • Report hijackers using Amazon's Seller Central by including thorough details and supporting documentation.
  • Contact Amazon Seller Support again to hasten theremove Amazon fba hijacker’s procedure.



To keep your Amazon FBA business viable and lucrative, you must safeguard it from hijackers. You may considerably lower the danger of hijackers invading your company by taking proactive steps like monitoring your listings, bolstering your brand protection, safeguarding your supply chain, and utilizing Amazon's programmes. Do not forget to gather proof and notify Amazon right away of any unauthorized vendors. You can make sure that selling on Amazon's marketplace is safer and more effective by adhering to these recommendations and exercising caution.