Protect Your Amazon FBA Business: How to Remove Hijackers and Ensure Success

September 11, 2023

Hijackers can be a stressful and damaging experience for an Amazon FBA vendor. These unlicensed vendors can steal your customers' money, harm the reputation of your company, and undermine consumer confidence. We'll walk you through the steps in this article so you may successfully knowHow to Remove Amazon FBA Hijackers from your Amazon FBA listings and protect your company.


Recognize Amazon FBA Hijackers' Nature 

Unauthorized third parties known asAmazon hijackers try to sell fake or illegal copies of your products on your own product listings. They use the prominence and appeal of your listings to their advantage in order to divert customers and money. Finding these hijackers is essential to taking the right steps and keeping control of your brand.


Keep an eye on your Amazon FBA listings frequently

Monitoring your Amazon FBA listings on a regular basis is crucial for successfully fending off hijackers. Keep a watch out for any unauthorized sellers or price inconsistencies on your product pages. Use the Brand Registry programme from Amazon, which provides further resources and tools for protecting your brand, including the option to report hijackers.


Recording Evidence and Information Gathering

It's crucial to gather information and evidence to back up your claims while dealing with hijackers. Snapshots of your initial product listings, sales information, and any correspondence with customers or Amazon support should all be kept. This supporting material will help you make your case and give you the evidence you need toremove Amazon FBA hijackers.


Utilize Amazon's Tools for Reporting and Enforcement

To report andremove hijacker Amazon, Amazon offers a number of tools and capabilities. To alert Amazon about the unauthorized seller, use the "Report a Violation" button on the product listing page that has been taken over. For the purpose of hastening the removal process, provide thorough information and proof. Additionally, communicate with Amazon Seller Support to describe the matter and demand that the hijackers be dealt with right away.


Increasing Brand Protection

When it comes to hijackers, prevention is preferable to treatment. Enrol in Amazon's trademark Registry programme to strengthen your trademark protection. By creating distinctive product identifiers and putting extra security measures in place, you are able to proactively monitor and safeguard your listings. Building a powerful brand and a devoted customer base can deter hijackers from choosing your listings as their targets.



It takes diligence, timely action, and a complete understanding of the various tools and resources toremove hijackers on Amazon. You can secure your company, retain control over your listings, and ensure your long-term success as an Amazon FBA seller by routinely reviewing your listings, compiling proof, using Amazon's reporting and enforcement tools, and improving your brand protection.