Safeguarding Your Amazon Business: Effective Tips to Remove Hijackers on Your Amazon

September 11, 2023

As an Amazon seller, encountering hijackers on your product listings can be a frustrating and concerning experience. Hijackers are unauthorized third-party sellers who attempt to sell counterfeit or inferior versions of your products, potentially damaging your brand's reputation and stealing sales. However, there are proactive measures you can take to protect your Amazon business from hijackers and swiftly remove them from your listings. In this blog, we will explore valuableĀ tips to remove hijackers on your AmazonĀ and safeguard your brand's integrity.

Gather Evidence of Ownership

Before taking action against hijackers, gather evidence of your ownership of the product and its intellectual property rights. This may include invoices, trademarks, patents, or any other documentation that proves your products are genuine and legally protected.

Reach Out to Hijackers

In some cases, reaching out to hijackers directly can lead to a resolution without escalating the situation. Politely and professionally request that they remove their listings, providing evidence of your ownership if necessary. Keep a record of all communication for future reference.

Report Hijackers to Amazon

If direct communication with the hijackers does not yield results, report them to Amazon's Seller Support. Provide all the relevant evidence of your ownership and request immediate removal of the unauthorized sellers from your listings. Amazon takes intellectual property rights seriously and may take prompt action to address the issue.

Use Amazon's Brand Gating

Brand Gating is an additional level of protection against unauthorized sellers. It restricts certain brands or categories, allowing only approved sellers to list products under those brands. By implementing Brand Gating, you can prevent most hijackers from targeting your listings.

Utilize Amazon Transparency Program

Amazon's Transparency Program helps protect your products from counterfeiting. Each product unit is assigned a unique code that can be scanned to verify its authenticity. This helps customers identify genuine products and allows you to track and trace your inventory, making it difficult forĀ Amazon listing hijackersĀ to sell counterfeit goods.

Implement Strong Packaging and Labeling

Strengthening your product's packaging and labeling with distinctive branding elements can make it harder for hijackers to replicate your products. Customers will become more adept at recognizing genuine products, which may deter them from purchasing from unauthorized sellers.

Maintain Competitive Pricing and Quality

Consistently offering competitive pricing and maintaining the quality of your products can encourage customers to choose your listings over those of hijackers. Positive reviews and customer satisfaction can act as a protective barrier against unauthorized sellers.