Amazon Seller Account Reinstatement

The simple and easy process.

Step 1.

Complete an order with the requested details above. We will review your case and determine how we proceed.

Step 3.

Once an assessment has been completed, our team will create a bespoke POA and appeal letter.

Step 4.

Submit the provided details and get your account reinstated.

Current Success Rate:

Services & Rates.

Regular ReInstatement.


Plan of Action & Appeal Letter in 4 business days

Receive a robust Plan of Action and Appeal letter made bespoke for your situation and requirement within 5 business days. Receive revisions and support until the final decision is made 

Full Service ReInstatement.


Plan of Action & Appeal Letter in 48 hours plus Expert Consultation and Escalation

Receive a robust Plan of Action and Appeal letter made bespoke for your situation and requirement within 48 hours. Receive revisions and support until the final decision is made.

Additionally we will handle all the appeals and calls with Amazon. All that you need to do is sit back until we reinstate your account.

We can assist with appeals for:

  • Inauthentic Complaint
  • Trademark/IP Infringement
  • Copyright Infringement
  • Used Sold As New
  • High ODR
  • High Cancellation Rate
  • Malicious Activity
  • Buyer/Seller Messaging
  • And Many More...
  • High Late Shipment Rate
  • Fair Price Policy Violation
  • Review Manipuation
  • Expiration Date Violation
  • Related Account Violation
  • Dropshipping Violation
  • Section-3 Related Suspension
  • Restricted Product Violation

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Based on 70+ Reviews


Great experience with Naw Protect

Great experience with Naw Protect. They managed to get a hijacker off my listing within 48 hours after multiple tries of my own to remove him.


Removed my hijacker successfully

Naw protect was able to remove an FBM hijacker on my branded listing. I couldn’t go through brand support since my trademark is still pending. Nevertheless, they were able to get rid of them.Highly recommended. Will use again. Thanks so much!


10/10 Service & Communication

Absolutely fantastic service. We had been struggling for weeks with consistent Chinese scammers hijacking our listing and Amazon doing nothing about this. Our Amazon expert wasn't getting results either.The team at Naw Protect got rid of 2/3 hijackers within hours, and the 3rd within a couple of days. They were using the appear/disappear strategy as well, so we're very impressed with the team's efficiency.Will absolutely be using their services on a consistent basis moving forward. Great job, thank you guys!


Hijackers got Hijacked

I paid for the express and depending on how difficult your hijackers are it may take a little bit of time but Naw protect team delivered on their promise. I will deff use them again. Highly recommended. Make sure to track your order #s in case you have multiple hijackers which will help communicate with the Naw team. Cheers!


Repeat orders!

They were able to remove hijackers on our listing. It took a while but also those hijackers are very persistent. It’s expensive but it’s all worth it especially that Amazon is not doing anything really. I keep ordering from them again and again!


Gratitude for Hijacker Removal

I want to extend my sincere thanks for swiftly removing the stubborn hijacker from my listing. Your team's efficiency and dedication are truly commendable.Thank you for your prompt assistance and excellent service.


Outstanding work

Outstanding work. Hijacker was removed within a few hours. They came back the next day and the Naw Protect team made quick work of them each time they came back looks like they’re gone for good now. I’ll definitely be returning the next time another hijacker comes along.


Fantastic service

Fantastic service. Hijacker removed in 48-72H


Removed Hijacker on Listing

Very efficient!. Removed FBM hijacker from brand listing within a couple of hours. Will use them again if we ever encounter more hijackers on our ASINS.


We've used their services 5 times already

We've used their services 5 times in the last 48 hours, trying to eliminate unscrupulous Chinese sellers that have launched a vicious attack on 2 of our ASINs. The team from Naw Protect was able to take them down every single time. They have answered all my questions and helped in any way they could to get us through this situation. As i am writing the review, we are still under attack, and we keep on having new hijackers on our listings, but having Naw Protect helping us, has been an absolute God-sent. Thank you to the team for all the help !


Brand registry wasn't helping, Nawprotect did!

At first, I was unsure if the service was completely legit because I couldn't find much on twitter or elsewhere. After submitting tons of cases to brand registry and seller support, I was getting nowhere. I purchased a hijacker removal service and it was done the same day. I honestly was shook! I couldn't believe they were able to get it done so quickly.I hate hijackers and nawprotect knows how to take care of them!


Absolute Superstars

I’d been trying to get this hijacker off my listing for over a week and nothing worked. My attempts to contact them were ignored. Amazon couldn’t care less. After days of frustration I decided to hand the task to NawProtect and sure enough, after 14 hours the hijacker was removed. These guys honestly saved me from going out of business.


A MUST-HAVE service for Amazon Sellers

I am absolutely amazed at the efficiency, professionalism, and effectiveness of Naw Protect. Many of my best selling products on Amazon were hi-jacked and cut my profits by nearly 50%. I worked to get rid of the issues myself for months with no results. I requested service from Naw Protect and my hi-jackers were gone immediately. Use this company! I cannot recommend highly enough.


Amazing service that actually works

Amazing service that actually works! I've used them to remove multiple hijackers and it's worked every time with no problems and if the hijackers come back within 30 days, they'll remove them again. Amazon doesn't do anything about hijackers so highly recommend Naw Protect


NAW removed the offending hijacker as…

NAW removed the offending hijacker as promised when Amazon would do nothing unless I went the costly trademark route. I was nervous at first hiring them as I was unsure the response from Amazon - but all seems fine. Thanks for your help!


Helped me remove hijackers from my…

Helped me remove hijackers from my listing. Thanks!


Need to improve the way of…

Need to improve the way of communication, it’s take 3 days to get an email answered , we concern not use email for this type of urgent services.



I have been plagued by invalid IP Claims on Amazon Hijackers just took over several of my listings. After I won the IP Claims on appeal, the listing still showed the Hijacker as the brand owner, I decided to give Naw Protect a shot To be honest I was a little skeptical, I didnt think they would be able to remove the hijacker.But to my surprise they were able to restore my listing. It did take a couple of weeks for me and my situation but I am very pleased with their service. I will be using again.


Save yourself the headache and just use NAW

Phenomenal results!! After countless emails to Amazon with ZERO results, I figured I give NAW a shot. I doubted they'd be able to do anything, but they came through and freed me from the SOB leaching off my listing in less than 24 hours.



I can’t tell you what godsend this company is. After spending weeks reaching out to Amazon to remove hijackers from our listing, we were getting NOWHERE. Amazon is useless when it comes to helping sellers. Such a relief to have found this company to bring justice and to give us our hard earned listings back. Don’t hesitate, these guys are the real deal.


This company is awesome!

This company is awesome! They are very responsive, and very honest. I was so grateful to find someone who was able to take the high-jackets off my listing, even without having to be brand registered! Would definitely recommend!


Stealth secret weapon

I decided to use Naw Protect after becoming inundated with Hijackers on a product listing on Amazon UK. They answered all of my pre-purchase questions and were prompt and forthcoming with communication.They dealt with most of the hijackers within 24 hours. Others required more time and resources. In all, an excellent, time-saving, critical service to have in an Amazon Merchant's arsenal. I'll be using them again. Highly recommended.


I’m not sure what I would do without…

I’m not sure what I would do without Naw Protect. I watched my sales plummet after an Amazon seller Hijacked my brands listing. Naw protect helped me in a couple of hours and have continued to monitor all my listings to make sure it doesn’t happen again. I’m happy to say my sales are coming back.


Naw Protect successfully removed my FBM…

Naw Protect successfully removed my FBM hijacker from my listing in under 24hrs!!! I hope to never get another hijacker, but if I do they'll be the first ones I go to over Amazon!


They help me remove hijackers from my…

They help me remove hijackers from my listing,This is working!
Also, after the hijacker is back on my list,I contact them and they remove him imminently!
I really recommend them if you have a hijacker issue!


Naw Protect superheroes!

Naw Protect has consistently got hijackers off of my listing. I have no clue how they do it, but they are incredible...unlike Amazon who was no help to me whatsoever.


We were desperate and did not know what…

We were desperate and did not know what else to do to remove this pirate brand from our listings. The Amazon response was not as fast as it needed to be. We are grateful and feel lucky to found you. Thank you very much.


Excellent service.

Excellent service. Submitted the payment at noon and when I wake up in the morning the service was fulfilled without any delay. I will recommend 100%.


Awesome Job!

Very good job! In less than a week Naw was able to remove 2 highjackers from our listings. Awesome job, great communication, highly recommended


Worth Every Penny

New Protect was very communicative about the process and provided results within days. Def worth the month.


They do a great job removing resellers

They do what they say and if they can't they honor their guarantee. Its an honest company


Great and fast service all respect .



Great customer service and they will definitely get the job done. Recommend 100%


Life Saver

Great service . Saved my Amazon listing! Highly recommend!


Great and very fast service

Great and very fast service. Highly recommended, thanks!


Delivered quickly and exactly as…

Delivered quickly and exactly as promised! Highly recommend!


They do what they advertise

They do what they advertise. Great and needed service.


Best Service!!!

I already use there service more than 5 times and always successfully removed the Hijackers... Great communication, 110% Recommended...


great service and customer service as…

great service and customer service as well, thanks!


Highly recommend

They are responsive, communicative, professional, and most importantly: effective! They removed my hijackers just as advertised. Highly recommend.


Peace of mind

Fast, reliable and super easy to use! Highly recommended


They removed the hijacker in 2 days

They removed the hijacker in 2 days. Great service definitely will recommend.


Great job, thanks!

Second order and again fast and well done service, Thanks!!


Excellent "pest removal" service

Have used them twice now. Very effective and reliable with good communication. Recommended


You got rid of the hijacker!!!!


They are fast and do what they say…

They are fast and do what they say there going to do. Saving me here/


Nawprotect was very quick to get the…

Nawprotect was very quick to get the job done. Will use again.


Very fast and efficient.


They got the job done

They got the job done! Timely responses to emails. Thank you!


An amazing service

Amazing service, excellent, quick results. Would definitely recommend! Thank you!


Got rid of the jackers in a day

Got rid of the jackers in a day. Awesome


they worked on my case for all time…

they worked on my case for all time needed and get the job done


They did their job very well!

They did their job very well!will come again in the future


As always…great service.

As always. Quick. And professional.


Great service


Job well done as promised!


very efficient

simple and effective


Fast and effective


Quick Hijacker’s removal