How Much Does It Cost to Remove Amazon Hijackers from Your Listings

May 09, 2023

As a seller on Amazon, you know how important it is to have control over your listings. However, sometimes hijackers can take over your listings, causing you to lose sales and even damage your brand reputation. In this article, we'll go over the cost of removing Amazon hijackers from your listings so you can take back control of your business.


What is Amazon Listing Hijacking & Why they dowhat they do?

Amazon listing hijacking is a practice where a third-party seller takes control of an existing Amazon product listing, typically without the permission of the original seller. The hijacker then changes the price, product details, or other critical information to promote their own product.

Hijackers usually target listings that have high sales volume, positive reviews, and a solid ranking on Amazon's search results page. By taking over these listings, hijackers can instantly gain exposure to a large number of potential customers and increase their own sales and profits.

There are various reasons why hijackers engage in this unethical practice. One of the most common reasons is to steal sales from the original seller by offering the same or a similar product at a lower price. By undercutting the original seller's price, hijackers can lure potential customers away from the original product and towards their own product, resulting in lost sales and profits for the original seller.

Another reason why hijackers engage in this practice is to exploit the good reputation of the original seller. If a product has a large number of positive reviews, hijackers can take advantage of this by taking over the listing and adding their own product, which may be of lower quality or a different variation of the original product. By doing so, they can trick customers into buying their product instead of the original product, based on the positive reviews of the original product.

Overall, Amazon listing hijacking is a serious issue that can harm the original seller, the customer, and Amazon's reputation. It is crucial for Amazon to take action.


Why You Should Remove Amazon Hijackers from Your Listings?

First, let's talk about why you should removeAmazon hijackers from your listings. These hijackers can change the product title, description, and images on your listing, making it difficult for customers to find the correct product. In some cases, hijackers may even sell counterfeit products, damaging your brand reputation and causing legal issues.

Additionally, hijackers can lower the price of your product to attract customers, causing you to lose sales and profit. Removing hijackers from your listings will help you maintain control over your brand and ensure that customers are buying the genuine product from you.

How to Identify Amazon Hijackers on Your Listings?

Before you can remove hijackers from your listings, you need to be able to identify them. Here are some signs that your listing may have been hijacked:

  • The product title, description, or images have been changed without your permission.
  • The product is being sold by a seller who is not you or an authorized seller.
  • The price of the product has been lowered significantly without your permission.

To identify hijackers on your listings, you can useAmazon's Brand Registry or the Naw Protect monitoring service. These services can help you identify unauthorized sellers and give you the tools to remove them.


The Cost of Removing Amazon Hijackers from Your Listings at Naw Protect

The cost of removing Amazon hijackers from your listingsstarts at $79USD for FBM removal and $149USD for FBA removal.

Now that you know why and how to identify hijackers on your listings and the costs associated with removing them, let's talk abouthow to remove Amazon listing hijackers.


Contact The Naw Protect Team

We can help with your Amazon hijack situation in any Amazon marketplace. Below is our simple and cost-effective process to remove hijackers permanently from your listings;

  • Express Method- For Amazon authorized sellers in the USA one of the quickest methods for removal of hijackers is express method.
  • Level 1 removal-The level 1 removal method involves implementing counterfeit protection programs like Project Zero and notifying the hijacker that their product is inaccurate to the listing.
  • Level 2 removal-The Level 2 approach carries an extra fee of $60USD for FBM hijackers and $100USD for FBA hijackers. In the event that Level 2 removal is needed, our team will reach out to you and inquire whether you want to proceed with the Level 2 removal. Further details may be necessary when going ahead with Level 2. If needed, our team will inform you accordingly.

Our removal process is safe! You can reach out to us anytime if dealing with hijacking! Visit our website today!